Download Retrica for Blackberry

Retrica is one of the most famous application for applying filters to improve our photos. It’s used on millions of mobiles phones and lots of people join on different forums talking about the filters they apply and how can improve nearly any photo. Retrica has been widely used to create selfies with an 80s years look using some of the filters that cam with it but, of course, we are not restricted to use it only for it: we can take any photo we want and try some filters on it with total freedom.

There’s a free version of Retrica application, where you will find advertisements, with more than 75 filters among to chose. If you want to avoid the ads you can buy the Pro version that is totally ads free and it adds more filters to your list. Some developers have created extra filters that can be used on Retrica but are not part of neither the free neither the pro version. Those extra filters may need, or may not, an extra pay, so you should take care of this when choosing filters to apply to rour photos.

Retrica for Blackberry

Venticake, the creators of Retrica, has developed the application for Android an Apple devices but, sorry, there’s no Retrica for Blackberry specific version. The good news is that if your system version is greater or 10.2 then you can import Android applications using APK files. If it’s your situation: Go to Play Store, download the Retrica APK (you can see more information here) and install it on your mobile phone.

If your are the owner of an older version of BlackBerry system, you should search for other options. One of the most famous application, on Blackberry world, that will help you to forget about Retrica is PicMix. On PicMix you will find a great number of filters and frames that will help you to improve your photos.

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