Download Retrica for iPad

Sometimes many of us find a way to install and run an application in our smartphones, iPods, computers with emulator or iPad, but sometimes the very same app we want and need is not available for the most of the devices.

Fortunately, Retrica is the most popular and exciting application that provides a real-time vintage filters with the highest resolution ever. Is important to mention that with this application you can apply over 24 filters to your pictures in your drive or SD card and even before taking the photo.

Yes, you have read it well. The great pro of Retrica and that we can download for android and iOS devices and that you can also download and install retrica for iPad as well and provides you with a lots of features that you can set up before taking a picture and get a funny and beautiful photo.


With Retrica you can also choose a picture borders, vintages, add text with effects and is very easy to handle thanks to the minimalist user interface. Once you have edited and transformed your photos, you can share them with friends using your social media profile or just text.

To get retrica installed in your iPad you just need to go to iTunes app store, look for the search bar and type in “Retrica” which will pop up right away. Once you find it, click on the “Install” button and let it go. You can use this app with iOS 6.0 or higher and remember that is compatible with any Apple device like iPhone 4 to iPhone 5S.

Retrica is a very unique app to capture your impressing selfies with just one shot. Notice that we mentioned “unique” cause of the featured designed by pros and is one of the best pictures editor apps in the market.

Believe it or not, Retrica is available for the most of the devices operating systems and is for free! If you want to get it for Android just go to Google Play or you can download it for your iPad via iTunes, besides that you can use it on your computer with an emulator.

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