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Nowadays it´s very hard to find an useful application or even choose among the photos editors you can find in the market, Android or iOS. The main inconvenience is to read all of the users reviews from or install an application that you will delete later on, and so on during lots of hours in the day.

But finally, and we know you´ll love this, we have found the all-in-one photo editor application and that gives you all the features you have been looking for. Retrica, developed by Bootslabs, is an app that lets you apply filters and vintages before and after taking a picture, how is this possible?

Yes! We said before. One of the most important and main feature about Retrica is that lets you work together with your phone camera and set interval time or a self-timer so you can choose a filter to apply to the picture you will take. After that, you will have and enjoy a funny and interesting picture to share with your friends via texting or social media profiles.


Now, it´s very important to mention that you can download this free application at Google Play and you can also upgrade Retrica for iPhone to a pro version for just 1.99$. Fair enough, isn’t it?

The application use is as simple as to login on your app store like Google Play o iTunes and search “Retrica” and right away you will see the app popping up in your screen. Then just tap on “Install” and let it run and finish the process. Once installed, you can starting using Retrica and import your picture and photos from your phone memory album and apply the filters and borders available.


Retrica has a simple user interface design even for devices from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5S but you need iOS6 or higher. The apps just shows you two menu bar at the bottom and is minimalist to enjoy.

The features include frames, filters (vintages most of all), lots of layouts to choose, pick photo borders to apply immediately, self-timer and, like we said before you can import your pictures. If you want the version for iPad, visit our article.

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