Download Retrica for Nokia

Retrica is one of the photography apps that took both Google’s Play Store and Apple’s iTunes by storm although we can’t say the same about Windows Phone as Retrica for Nokia (among other Windows Phone devices) is unavailable. However, there’s a great alternate we’ll talk about today.

But what’s the buzz about this app? What’s it for? Well, it basically allows u to take selfies, a kind of photography that is very popular among everyone today including celebrities.

What can you do with Retrica that can’t be done with other applications? It includes more than 80 original filters in real time, you can also upload photos with Photoshop quality using incredibly great designs!

Download Retrica for Nokia

Some of the main features and functions of this app are:

  • Over 80 filters (only 25 are included in the PRO version that you can purchase for less than 2 €)
  • Extra features like timer and more than 20 designs of collages
  • Watermarks with an interesting variety of designs

As initially stated, the app is only available for iOS and Android devices, if you don’t own one, you can download PicsArt as an alternate for Windows Phone devices like Nokia.

The app supports the major social networks like Facebook or Twitter, Tumblr so you can take and edit your selfies and upload them to your personal accounts at these popular social sites.

Retrica is currently available for Android, or if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (iOS) you can also enjoy all its features. In fact, in the beginning the app was only available for these Apple devices but with the pass of time it was made available on Google’s Play Store, becoming one of the fave ones by users of this popular platform.

Unfortunately, Retrica is not available for Blackberry devices, but you can have it on your PC by installing Bluestacks, a convenient and powerful Android emulator for desktop computers and laptops.

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