Download Retrica for Tablet

Retrica is a photo application for Android that lets you add amusing filters to your snapshots as well as some visual effects that will enhance your pictures appearance and make them look like a professional camera output, Retrica for Tablet or mobile phones is completely free.

This tool lets you add up to 9 different filters to your images in yellow, green or red colors as well as plenty of diverse effects including vintage looks or the so characteristic brightness that only Polaroid cameras can generate.


The visual effects offered by this application are very similar to Instagram’s while including other additional yet original options, like letting you add white or black frame images.

Other tools to highlight are those that enable taking pictures with the front camera (mainly used for “selfies”) or set a countdown of 10 seconds before taking the picture.

Retrica is also available for download on tablets (Google Play) although its main use resides on mobile phones, especially those based on Android and iOS platforms.

Downloading the app is a very easy process, you just have to go to the iTunes Store on your iPad or to the Google’s PlayStore on your Android tablet and get it for free. Afterwards, just install it as any other app.

Bear in mind that Retrica provides a lot of options, much more than the original software of your phone camera; and the features of some heavyweights in this category like Instagram.


  • Up to 9 different photographic filters
  • Ability to develop mosaics in almost thirty different positions
  • Features a great effect that simulates depth of field
  • Ability to share photos with social networks and instant messaging programs


  • Could provide a greater repertoire of frames for photographs
  • It’s only available for Android and iOS-based devices so if you own a Windows Phone or BlackBerry device, you’ll be forced to look for an alternate device.

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