Retrica for Windows Phone

One of the most interesting and funny applications available in the market, when it comes about real-time pictures and photo edition, is Retrica. The app was developed by Bootstlabs who also created other apps like Momentica or Amazing photo editor.

What I like about Retrica is that I can use it on my Android or iOS device and is compatible with any iPhone series or iPad, but what about Windows phone? That´s your question, isn’t it?

Here are some of the features you need to know about this free app:

  • Share: edit and apply effects with filters and share with your friends.
  • Save time: With a self-timer feature you don’t have to get ready for the picture, just let it shoot itself!
  • Borders and layouts: This app includes lots of incredible and beautiful layouts and borders for your pictures or photos.
  • Intervals: Also notice that you can shoot more than 2 pictures in a row and apply filters as well.
  • Before and after effects: Like we mentioned before, with Retrica you can set up an affect or filter to be applied even before taking the photo, incredible!


At this moment, this impressing application can’t be downloaded for Windows Phone so we have to wait until the creators of this app launch Retrica for Windows phone.

But don’t worry, there are lots of apps like Retrica on the Windows Phone Store. First of all, you need to go to your app store or just access to the Windows phone app official site to download the apps, there you need to login with your account to recognize your device.

One of the best alternatives for Retrica is called CamWow. You can download it from the WP store for free. Once installed, then you can start using the app with the bunch of great features to edit and add effects to your pictures. Also remember that is app is capable to set up your filters and images effects even before taking the picture, which is something really cool.

We hope that that you can download Retrica manually from the Windows phone web and install it on your device soon.

Now that you know more about Retrica, why don’t you download try it one of the alternatives?

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